Dr. Seth Miller, Principal, Heron Scientific Inc.

Dr. Seth Miller, has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech and a long history of invention, with over 75 issued US patents and over 200 US and international patent applications.  Dr. Miller has worked in technology development for Texas Instruments, Inc. and the venture-funded semiconductor startup Zettacore, and has co-founded and raised funding for several new starts.  His patented and trade-secret innovations have been embedded and shipped in billions of dollars of product worldwide, and have saved tens of millions of dollars by reducing process cost, eliminating reliability problems, and preventing schedule slip.  Dr. Miller brings perspective from his work in a broad array of fields, including display technologies, semiconductors, medical infusion, battery materials, image recognition, and gas separation membranes.  He has written for the MIT Technology Review, and served as an expert witness, including twice testifying at trials.

On a project basis, Dr. Miller collaborates with a select group of extremely talented specialists in business development, marketing, and manufacturing, as well as technologists with modeling capability or deep expertise in physics, engineering, and mechanics.

Contact:  seth /at/ heronscientific.com


We help companies scout for innovations and hone their early stage technology development programs with ideation, open innovation support, and IP and technology landscaping.


We help companies accelerate their R&D by identifying and alleviating the technical and business bottlenecks that stand in the way of product development.  We rely on processes such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis to prioritize projects by risk, and the Delphi method


We advise investors on the ROI potential of up-and-coming technologies, using a well-defined process that evaluates risk-at-maturity, quantifying technical viability, market competitiveness, scalability, and ability to execute.

Skills & Expertise

Materials Science
Market Anaylsis
Investment Anaylsis