• Mission

    We help technology-driven companies invent new products and bring them to market more quickly, at lower costs, and with greater customer response.


We bring a practical focus to innovation, drawing from a broad business and technical skill set.
We improve the quality of decisions in the organization by translating technical judgment into business terms, and back again.  We ask “why?” all the time, to make sure that we’ve identified the most basic goals for a program, to open it up to new and innovative solutions.  Most importantly, we solve for the system-level goal – revenue, profit, brand identity – leveraging any technology that will deliver the best return on investment.


Working primarily with materials and device technology companies, we facilitate ideation, creation and execution of their next big thing. Our goal is not to maximize technical performance, but to deliver enough technical differentiation to maximize customer value.
Our development projects typically come in with lower costs than initially budgeted, and in about 25-50% less time.


We want to build things that make a difference in people’s lives.
We are idea guys who like it when others come up with the best ideas, and we all work together to polish them into something truly great.  Our goal is push in every way possible to make clients successful, so they can make their own customers happy.


Our track record says quite a bit. Let us put our passion and expertise to work for you today to:

  • Shorten Time and Cost to Market
  • Avoid Over-Design
  • Powerfully Connect with Customers